is our tradition

We have been working to ensure the quality of what we produce for 40 years. On one hand all the raw materials that we use are grown without pesticides and fertilizers and on the other hand our final products are made without colouring agents, preservatives, additives and GMOs.
This is the organic: a history of authenticity, research of quality, respect for the environment, food security and passion; organic is our style.
“We are manufacturers and with our products we respect
the environment, in cooperation with suppliers and commercial partners
who share our commitment to sustainability.
We take care of people, designing organic, healthy and functional products
developed following precise nutritional needs.

Our mission? Nourish your health… with taste!”
Emanuele Zuanetti

Our history

  • 1977

    Brescia. Germinal Italia was established.

  • 1981

    Castelfranco Veneto. Il Mangiarsano
    was established; Emanuele Zuanetti is the founder.

  • 2008

    From the merger of these two
    historic companies belonging to the bakery
    industry, Gruppo MangiarsanoGerminal was founded.
    Over the years the Company’s growth
    has been constant: various upgrades and
    expansions have involved the production
    plant, in the name of innovation, both
    for product and for processes, allowing
    the Group to obtain the most important
    certifications and consolidate its position
    of leadership in the bakery confectionery sector.

  • 2015

    Acquisition of a new production plant
    for the production of fresh ready meals.

  • 2016

    Expansion of the plant. Installation
    of a new production line that allows the
    creation of savory organic, vegan and
    gluten-free bakery products.

  • 2017

    New offices opening

Sustainability and commitment

Germinal Bio is an example of total sustainability

raw materials


Short production chain
and fair-trade



are our engine

More than 80 collaborators
provide professionalism and expertise every day.
They work with passion to make sure that
Germinal Bio products arriving to your tables
can nourish you with taste!