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is our tradition

Germinal Bio is a family of organic, healthy
and functional products
, which has grown year after year
thanks to our extensive research into ingredients and their nutritive features.
We are constantly committed to food and environmental sustainability.

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ready meals by Germinal Bio

Ready to eat! Gluten free - vegan
Germinal Bio Vegan line enlarges its range with several innovative products in accordance with the most recent consumers demand.
The vocation to organic and the rediscovery of the simple and natural richness of soil products are the foundation of the new product line Ready Meals Germinal Bio Vegan.
Our meals are ready to eat, as a quick lunch break
or as a base for the preparation of delicious dinners.
Live Vegan and nourish with taste!
Greener Certified energy, coming from renewable sources
Greener is the certified energy from renewable sources that drives the Company.
We are dedicated to using clean and renewable energy sources as much as possible in order to constrain the use of traditional energy sources and to reduce the atmospheric emissions of harmful substances derived from the processing of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and their derivatives.
We guarantee that each product respects the environment.
Germinal Bio chose
to respect the environment