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Choosing BIO means protecting life

With our products we respect the environment, thanks also to suppliers and partners
who share our commitment to sustainability, and we look after people by producing organic,
healthy and functional products, developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of each one of us.
Nourish your health is our philosophy.

Germinal Bio is a family of organic products conceived in the 70s,
which has grown year after year thanks to our extensive research into the ingredients
and their nutritive features, and the line now includes the widest range of products.
Organic ingredients are a guarantee along the entire supply chain
and for the authenticity of the product.

Germinal Bio Vegan

ready meals

Ready to eat! Gluten free - vegan
Germinal Bio Vegan line enlarges its range with several innovative products
in accordance with the most recent consumers demand.
The vocation to organic and the rediscovery of the simple and natural richness of soil products are the foundation of the new product line Ready Meals Germinal Bio Vegan.
Our meals are ready to eat, as a quick lunch break or as a base for the preparation of delicious dinners.
Live Vegan and nourish with taste!
Vegan Praline Vegan Soup

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