Germinal Bio around the world

The Italian organic that likes to the world

For us, the expansion of the company outside the national borders is one of the key factors.

In-depth studies on the different countries have allowed us to achieve a path of internationalization of all our brands. We are present in the world as well as with products branded Germinal Bio, also with the brands BioBimbo, BioJunior and Germinal Organic. What characterizes us is extensive coverage on a global scale, which also saw the opening of our headquarters in Los Angeles, USA, to support the Germinal Organic brand.

In addition to this, we not only oversee modern distribution and specialized Italian retail, but for a long time we have been producing organic-branded products, gluten-free and baby-food for the biggest brands in European modern and non-EU distribution.

Our specialization in organic food and without certain allergens, combined with a growing awareness of the role of nutrition for personal wellbeing, are polarizing the interest of many operators from all over the world, with an international presence in more than 20 countries.