Germinal with Bee my Future

Bees don't just make honey. Our future also depends on them.
78% of wild flowers and 84% of the species cultivated in the European Union also depend on pollinating insects, mainly bees.
Synthetic chemical pesticides, environmental pollution, diseases, pests are the main threats for their survival.

Why did we choose to support this project?

  • In the last five years, in Italy we have lost 200k hives
  • According to FAO, more than 80% of foods are at risk
  • Bees are threatened with extinction
  • The extinction rate of insects is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles

A clear message that bees need our help and we need them.

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Germinal with Bee my Future

The "city" bees are better off because the city has become a protected place for these fundamental pollinating insects, an environment far from pesticides used in a massive way in the countryside. The cities are also warmer and less exposed to bad weather so there are even more blooms.

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