Germinal Bio

Germinal Bio is renewed,
rather… reborn!

The authenitc taste of organic grows
and thrives as a sprout.

The simplicity of nature, the refinement and the quality of raw materials,
the every-day commitment, the dedication and the know-how to guarantee
our organic products, are enclosed in this new image: a sprout that thrives and flourishes.
The new graphic element protagonist of the Germinal Bio logo will mark a new era:
symbolising the continuous renewal, a path of growth and evolution that in Germinal Bio
we want to undertake, but without abandoning the tradition that has identified us
for 40 years, through good and refined products.

Nourish your health… with taste!

A new logo, a new look, but the same attention
to the taste and to the quality ever.

Follow the sprout!
  • Sustainability
  • Food safety
  • Innovation
  • Quality assurance
  • Passion for naturalness
  • Healthy taste
  • Authentic organic
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